Monday, January 12, 2009

happy birthday to me!

thanks for all the birthday cards.. email cards.. and text messages and blog posts yesterday! its nice to feel loved from coast to coast and all over the great state of texas! we had an awesome weekend.. the mincheys cooked dinner for me {us} on friday night. fajitas! and saturday was celebrate day. my sister and 3 friends took me out for an amazing evening in dallas. complete with more mexican food and hysterical laughter. two of my favorite things! then i had a little late night rendezvous with my sweetie at one of our favorite spots in dallas. yesterday, dada let me sleep in while he picked up the little man. extra rest, followed by a mid-day bubble bath and a LAZY afternoon equaled one relaxing day! it was GREAT!

oh.. AND.. kp {with a little help from derek} finished my awesome-new-and-improved playroom! it is SO cute!!! i L.O.V.E. it. cant wait to show it off. unforturnately i left my camera in nicole's car saturday night. so the pics will have to wait. but trust me. its fabulous! thanks for working so hard on it sweetheart! its the best birthday present EVER!

and a little shout out to my SIL! happy birthday today kelli! i hope you have as relaxing of a day as i did! love you lots!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you,

Sorry I didn't send Birthday Wishes on time. I'm running a little behind as usual. Kept thinking that today was Monday the 12th and was going to send you some love.

Happy Belated Birtday.

Love and kisses