Thursday, January 8, 2009

the random thoughts of a two year old BOY..

this morning i was on the phone with kp.. filling him in on the details of a very sad story. more tragedy in the life of someone i love dearly. its so hard not to be able to help.. fix.. when someone is hurting. ya know? anyway.. i was telling kp that i HATE that my sister cannot seem to catch a break. life keeps throwing her one challenge after another. she is so strong.. but when is enough enough?

korb had definitely been listening in on my conversation with his dada and when i hung up we had our own conversation that went something like this:

korb: mommy, my auntie jenny cant catch a break.
mommy: i know, korbie. i hate it.
korb: she needs a break mommy.
mommy: i know korb.
korb: she needs to go to a mavs game.
mommy: she does?
korb: yes. she needs to sit really close. and watch dirk make baskets. and call for champ the horsie to come over. that will make her happy.

hmmmm... lesson learned. he is very thoughtful... in a boy-sort-of way. i guess he knows what would make him feel better when he needs a break. :)

love you lots, jenny. things are going to get better..

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Amy said...

Hilarious! He's such a smart little guy!

I would be honored to be moved up on your blog list!!:)