Monday, January 26, 2009

thanksgiving 2008..

two months later! i know.. i know. no one cares. but i NEED the pics to be on the blog.. and to have SOME sort of memory of the holiday for years to come. its important to me. clearly not important enough to finish timely..but at least its done!

the 08 holiday schedule should have been...


but it didnt exactly work out that way. my parents had plans during thanksgiving week so we headed to east texas for the day. we had a great visit with kyle's mom and stepdad. aka gran-gran & grandpa. and kyle's dad stopped by for a short visit too. a very nice surprise. the plan was to watch the cowboys game.. and then leave the littles with the grandparents and drive to houston to meet nick and jenny for the big move! a slight change of plans brought nick and jenny to kp's parents house and we had a fun time hanging out with his siblings and mine. i did take pictures.. but you will see a trend in this batch of holiday catch up posts.. it would appear that my children were the only people around. we all know that to be untrue.. but thats how the photos turned out. :) sorry. i promise to photograph everyone next year... things to work on in 2009. anyway. it was a great day. and the weekend that followed turned out to be a lot of fun {not just a lot of work}. it seems like ages ago..

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