Friday, December 11, 2009

november 2009

i hate that im always writing about our life in review but i guess writing about our life is the point of this blog so, while its busy, if in review is the best i can do it will have to be good enough. and november 2009 was busy indeed.

we spent the first weekend at tms for nascar. we had a wonderful time with old friends and made a few new ones.. as usual. the pictures never do it justice. well.. some of them do. =)
from high to low.. the next week i learned about the passing of a wonderful friend. its been difficult to face and talk about. not to mention a bit haunting.. but i think ive found a way to at least start saying goodbye with this post.

on friday night nicole got me out of the house for an much needed break from beating myself up over jelena's death. a little pat green always does the heart good. =) music is healing. on saturday night.. more friends more music at hanks .. we were introduced to a new texas country band - always a plus in our world. ive definitely added the bleu edmonson band radio to my pandora list. thanks randy!

twelve photo shoots{yay!} for jdp-photography.. a date weekend with my hubby.. a few days off and a wonderful trip to my hometown with my entire family did my heart good. it was the first time ive been home for thanksgiving since 1998. not sure how thats possible.. but its true. way over due. and completely a blessing.

and that was that. november. the good with the bad. lessons learned. memories made. not nearly enough pictures taken. such is life. and life is good.

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Amy said...

What a sweet tribute to a dear friend. I am SO sorry for your loss. Also, a VERY good lesson for me. I am VERY bad at keeping up with my friendships. Luckily, my friends are rather good at it!:)

Anxious to hear about your sweet family and Christmas with your kiddies!