Tuesday, November 27, 2007


just a few pics from our thanksgiving holiday.. kyle's brother keith was also at his moms for the day with his precious little girl aspyn. she is totally adorable! she and korb played together so well! ...my guess is much better than their dads ever played together!

korb also got to spend lots of time with his buddy dalto. dalton..of course..but for some reason korb likes to say dalt-o better! theyve gotten to play together 2 weekends in a row! but somehow the only pic i got of them is all 3 in the bathtub. really cute.. but not sure if i can post it. have to clear it with kenners first! however.. last weekend my friend terry of clarine smith photography, ( www.clarinesmith.com ) who ive bragged about many times, accompanied all of us (dalto's family and korb's family) to downtown mckinney for a photo shoot! it was so awesome.. she's the best. there are a couple of pics up on her site right now and as soon as the rest are finished i will share them too! cant wait...

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