Friday, November 9, 2007

and in regards to the little man...

there are so many new things i could write about korb.. he learns something new everyday! yesterday he found his ears. he walked around all day pointing to his ear .. and mommys ear .. and his friends ears.. pretty cute. there is one thing he has learned that makes me a little sad. the days of the open-mouthed-baby-kiss are over. thats right. the little man has learned to pucker. its really cute -- but it does makes me a little sad. where has my baby gone?!?!

these are just some pics from around the house.
i realize some of these are a little blurry but they are still priceless. kyle almost always has a toothpick in his mouth after dinner.. and korb always wants it.
this is the game.. he will try anything to get it.
and it makes him so happy!
the reddicks came to visit for a little while on halloween.. this is the only way we could get gracy and korb both to look at the camera. stuck in the wagon.. SO CUTE!
not sure what was going on here.. but korb has definitely invaded any tv watching time that daddy and sissy used to have for sure!
i call these.. fun with the halloween candy bowl.
it has provided hours of entertainment.
in the bowl..
trying to get out was difficult..
lets try climbing on the bowl..
thats what im talking about!

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