Friday, November 9, 2007

whats going on with the little kid...

...something has happened everyday for more than a week that i need to 'document' and i cannot find the time!!!!! but im feeling better today.. still coughing a lot.. but feeling better so im gonna make the time for at least a few things! for starters.. a halloween story i would like to remember.

kennedy has a new friend.. she lives down the street and they have been attached at the hip since they 'found' each other. knew each other from school - they are both rje second graders. but they had no idea they lived on the same street. theyve spent every waking moment (that we will let them) together for the last 3 weeks. dont get me wrong.. they argue like most 8 year old girls. but they seem to work thru their disagreements and get on with hanging out pretty quickly. there's a point here.. i promise. kaylee is diabetic. she was diagnosed in kindergarten. she has to check her sugar and give herself (or mommy has to do it) a shot every time she eats. so as you can imagine..halloween isnt a lot of fun. her parents told her last year.. and every year to follow i guess, that they would give her .10 cents for every pc of candy she got while trick or treating. pretty good deal. well, her mom told me that after walking the neighborhood kennedy and kaylee and one other little girl were hanging out.. counting their candy and just checking out their goods when she heard kaylee tell kennedy to 'stop'. 'stop what' her mom asked. kennedy is throwing candy at me! she asked her why she would do that and kennedy replied that she was giving kaylee all the candy she got but didnt like.. so she would get more money....pretty good friend.
btw..she was a diva cowgirl. super cute costume. silver fringe..white cowboy hat. i didnt get pics that night because she was in such a hurry to catch up to her friends. and she took off her costume before coming home. but kaylee's mom said she got a few good ones. i will try to get them from her.

here they are at an ashley tisdale concert last thursday at stonebriar mall. it was crazy.. a whole post that i will not be writing!

here are a few more pics of kennedy.. aka the little kid.. around the house. i feel like we dont photograph her enough anymore. but when i get out the camera..she says 'seriously not doing anything'. growing up way to fast!

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Look at that cute girl!