Monday, January 6, 2014

the fab 4 reunion!

so.. i got to see one of my very best friends in august when KP and i visited San Fran.  and then again in september when Erin came to Texas to visit for the first time in FOREVER!!!!  she was actually here again in november for a work trip.  i LOVE the time we got to spend together in 2013!!  when she lived in Dallas nicole, nikki, erin and i used to have SO much fun getting out for dinner and GNO as often as possible!  i really didnt realize how much i missed the time we spent together until we were reunited!  one of the guys snapped a pic for us.. i thought i would reminisce a little with pics from years gone by... ahh the fab 4. =)  
i love you guys!!  

i think this is the last pic we took together at EKs 'going away but we hope not forever dinner..' ;)

the next few are from our GNO weekend. it was a stay-cation of sorts but we had a blast!! 

a random night at fireside pies! yummmmm!

who knows where.. chaucers maybe?  LOVE IT!! 

Erin, im sure this is going to be an incredible year for you!  im counting the days til we can hang out again and i love LOVE love keeping in touch.  the random calls and texts over the last few years have turned into something that i look forward at least weekly nowadays.  =)  prayers for you friend!  thank you for spending so much time with me and my family over the last few months!  i wouldnt trade a minute of our crazy shenanigans for anything.  =)  

AND NIKKI!!  we are practically neighbors!  we HAVE to do better his year at getting together!  i cant wait to meet your precious Baby Taggert!  ...and im a pretty good babysitter, if you didnt know.  ;)

Nicole Minchey!  youre my bestie and you know it.  im so excited about living so close and enjoying this time in our lives  together!  =)

cheers to the fab 4! 

ps.. yes i could professionally repair the red eye but its a good inside joke for me & nikki.  ;)  and im not gonna lie.. some of the pics make me wanna be a blonde for a little while.  oh geezz.

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Erin Denise said...

Love love love this!!!! Thanks so much. Looking forward to visiting after my Eat, Pray, Love tour is done ;) xoxo