Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 in Review..

i cant believe i didnt blog even once in 2013.  ugh.  the truth is that about a month before korbie lost that first tooth this mommy went 'back to work'.  ;)  ya know.. 'cause running a daycare and managing a photography business isnt really work..

anywho.. before moving back to texas in 2004 i worked as an outside sales rep for a military sales group for several years.  in 2012 i was invited to pretty much pick up where i left off.. 8 years later.  that doesnt happen every day.  thanks AD.  =)  i wasnt looking to leave my little at-home business but it turns out the timing was pretty much perfect since the little man was about to lose some teeth and start kinder and kenners was about to start middle school and grow up overnight.  it was hard to say goodbye to the babies and their mommys that i had seen every. single. day.  for YEARS.  but they understood.. and since june of 2012, well, our lives are pretty much unrecognizable from the the days when this little blog was alive.  some things still remain.. we still love our friends and the littles are following in our footsteps with their own.  we still love each other and thats a blessing in itself.  we still love texas country.  we still hangout in the garage.  we still do our best to get to worship on sunday mornings.  we still go too much and we still say that we will stay home more this year.  we still love mckinney, texas and call it home.  we still visit all of our parents along hwy 287, some east and some west, but not nearly often enough.  and we still find ourselves coming back to this blog time and time again to remember dates of milestones.  it has taken me more than a year to learn to manage the house, the travel, the job, the kiddos, the photog biz, the craziness of it all really.. but i think ive got it.  time to add this back.  =)

im cheating a bit and back dating a post for each month that i missed.  pictures mostly.. it was fun to look back so i know that it will be worth the time it took!  im sure i missed events along the way but i think i covered the biggest things each month.  =)

now on to the present!  

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