Thursday, March 15, 2012

TBALLL, tball, and MORE TBall!

march two thousand twelve marks the beginning of what kyle palmer hopes to be a LOOOONG long LONGGGG baseball career of the future professional great hall of famer Korb Palmer.  ;))  his first practice was wicked cold.  and i forgot my real camera.  fail.  ..never fear we did get a few good pics with my phone.  =)  it turns out her pretty good at baseball!  we werent too surprised.  but his a coach or two were definitely surprised how hard he can throw the ball!  the whole team is SO cute!  they even have two girls on the team and not one boy complained!  

the next saturday i did not fail at bringing my camera.. but it was STILL way too cold for mommy!  and korbie STILL had his hands in his pockets quite a bit too. =)  they worked more on fundamentals..


told ya it was cold! ;)
these pics are totally random.. but i love the look on his face!  so happy!
paying attention?? wow.
and... we lost him.
dirt kicking..
refocus talk with daddy.. haha!  i can hear him now.  'SON, do you ever see Josh Hamilton kicking dirt?' lol.
alllll decked out in his first uni!! 

his biggest fans. [besides mommy and daddy of course..]
wonderful fake smiles ; ) thats his best buddy cage!  [they get in lots of trouble together.. makes their daddys crazyyyy!  ..but they are so cute!]
i love these pics in the dugout!

his first ever at-bat!

high five little man!!!  im pretty sure we will be cheering for you on the baseball field for a LONG LONG time!  <3

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