Tuesday, March 20, 2012

st patricks day on greenville..

..is kinda like having a baby.  you look forward to it for months.  the anticipation is wonderful.  all the fond memories of the joy you felt the last time are great.  the planning.  the friends.  the drinks.  the atmosphere.  mmmmmmmmmmm.  and then.. the next morning.  when you wake up on tom straights sofa and you hurt all over.  you have bumps and bruises that your not sure how you got.  you realize you spent all of your cash.  [that was the plan..] but your check card is missing so you mustve started a tab somewhere. and you would call around.  but you cant find your iPhone. ugh.  and then.. like childbirth. somehow you forget the pain. haha.  and thats why im writing this post as a note to self.  maybe just maybe next year it will help me remember and we will stay home or go on a cruise.  doubt it.  but its worth a try!  ;))

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