Saturday, June 1, 2013

may 2013

may... well may brought lots of booooboooos.  =(  Korbie fell off of his mike and BUSTED his face.  trip to the ER number 1.. 

and less than one week later Kenn fell off of her ripstick.. trip to the ER number 2.  UGH!

the carters welcomed this little angel that they call Brody. =)

we spent lots of time roooooting Korbie's baseball team. 

AND rooting for YU at the temple. =)

KP and i spent a weekend camping out with the one and only Ryan Ables.  =)  funny story actually.. we had the GREAT idea to take the top off the jeep and ride east to meet KPs mom.  the kiddos were going to stay at GranGrans while we were camping... its safe to say that we arent planning a road trip with the top off again any time soon.  driving 75 with no top or doors.. MISERABLE doesnt begin to describe it.  Korb cried all the way there.  well, until he fell asleep.  and on the drive home we took back roads.  never went of 55 mph.  it took us almost 4 hours to get home and we seriously contemplated getting a hotel and having the jeep towed.  lol  good story tho.  and we had a BLAST with Ryan and all of his friends.   KP even got to shoot the new handgun i bought him for Christmas!  

AND!!!!  we also attended my 20th Jimmy Buffett show!  tailgating in style i might add.. ;)

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