Friday, July 30, 2010

why do the summers flyyyyyyyyyy by?

i guess thats what happens when you stay ridiculously busy.  here are the highlights from june and july..
we said goodbye to sissy the day after she finished 4th grade.. and started the countdown to her return.photowe napped a lot.  spending precious moments with ‘night-night & thumb’. =) IMG_8551we said good bye to our sweet friend mason.. ugh.  this picture makes me cry.  IMG_4702we played a lot of cornhole..IMG_7732did a lot of swimming. IMG_9520and a little fishing. IMG_8563esaid hi there to our new toy. =)  car
spent countless days and nights with family & friends..
its been a nonstop shoffners, carters, mincheys, palmers rotation! =)
{should have taken so many more pictures..}

made a trip to austin and floated the river in new braunfels..
{should have taken my camera..}

korbie spent lots of time with grandparents..
{nana & gran-gran shouldve taken pictures!}

saw a few great concerts
{even have a few more on the calendar for august..imagine that}

tons of photo shoots for jdp-photography
{so excited that business has taken off!}

completely neglected the blog..

made lots of new friends!
{even bloggie buddies! ..gotta get my act together. =)}

drank a few bottles of wine..
{and a box or two if im being honest =)}

kept a close eye on the first place texas rangers..
{still 7.5 games up going into august!}

dreamed of expensive beach vacations
{maybe next year..}

annnnnnnddd i think thats about it.
next on the agenda..
reuniting the fam!
{kennedy will be home on sunday!}

a few more weeks of pool time..
then we are starting 5th grade. ugh!
my how time flies..


Anonymous said...

A mercedes?????

Jammi Palmer said...

lita!! a MERCEDES! its a lease. not sure why i always feel the need to say that. still have to make a payment EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH. =) and its an 08 [29000 mi]..not new. that makes about a $15,000 difference in the sticker. fine by me! and we LOVE it. its my first non-suv since circa 1998. =) driving a car is fun! who knew..
miss ya!