Wednesday, November 4, 2009

im sure youre all wondering..

what this little {fake-smiling} rockstar was for halloween.. =)

you have waited patiently LONG enough! now lets see..


nooooooooo.. those are just pjs that are 2 sizes too small that he wont give up.. he wears them pretty much every other day. =)

baby mike jones?

dont be silly.. that was just one random day when mommy was bored and decided to straighten his hair! =)

a dallas cowboy?

nope.. that was just a trial run on costume day at preschool..

i'll give you a hint.. he's a magic robot!

thats right! yo gabba gabba's plex!

and who would plex be with out dj lance??

he was ADORABLE! and his daddy was pretty cute too. ;) he wore his costume on thursday night to the fall festival at our country club and then again on saturday for trick or treating at the cusanos. i wish i could tell you that he was as excited to put on his plex as our dj lance was.. but that would not be the whole truth. =) in fact.. my favorite quote of the evening was about seven houses into trick or treating.. and just minutes before this last pic was taken.. when he SAT down on the sidewalk and said, 'IM DONE. DOOOOOOOOOOOOONE. dont we have candy at home??' he makes a good point. =) and a good PLEX! **kennedy wanted to trick or treat in our neighborhood instead of going to the cusano's party... so she stayed with a friend and somehow i didnt get a single pic of her in her costume! ugh... we might have to recreate the event. hopefully it wont be as difficult to get her back into her costume as it was to get korb into his the first couple of times. =)

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Ericka Moore Photography said...

I LOVE the Yo Gabba Gabba costumes!! Bella sleeps with Plex and Foofa every night! Awesome!! And how in the world are you getting your pictures so BIG! I've been trying and trying and can't seem to figure that out!